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British Cemetery Elvas

British Cemetery in Elvas

Annual Ceremony – 14th of May '24

14 - 16 May '24
Baluarte de São João da Corujeira, Elvas

The Chapel

Wreath laying

Tuesday, 14th May, 2024

The traditional ceremony will be held at the British Cemetery at Elvas on Tuesday, 14th of May, starting at 11.00. Eucharist will be celebrated before the Ceremony in the Chapel by the Rev. Fran Le Blanc, at 09.45. 

The Badajoz memorials

The Military Museum of Elvas

The Ceremony

All attending are requested to be in the cemetery by 10:45. Dress for gentlemen is suit or blazer with tie and medals. After the ceremony, the Chapel and Museum will be open to visitors. 

The Military Museum

Afterwards a lunch has been organised at the Military Museum of Elvas, which is a short walk away from the British Cemetery, during which our customary fund-raising auction will take place. Further details to follow.

Wednesday, 15th May

Inauguration of the obelisk to honour the British dead buried at Vila Viçosa

Three burial areas have recently been discovered in Vila Viçosa, where it is understood that British casualties were buried during the Peninsular War, dating back to 1809 (older than that of Elvas). In conjunction with the local Town Hall, the Friends have commissioned the making of an obelisk to honour those who fell, which is planned to be inaugurated this day. Further details to follow. Further details to follow.

Vila Vicosa

Thursday, 16th May

The habitual commemoration of the Battle of Albuera in the main square of La Albuera starts at 11:30 (Spanish time).  This will be followed by wreath laying at the PWRR Obelisk, lunch, and The Silent Toast. Further details to follow.

Memorial Albuera

PWRR memorial


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