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British Cemetery Elvas

British Cemetery in Elvas

Tuesday May 14º

14 - 16 May '19
British Cemetery Elvas

We will hold our customary ceremony in the Cemetery on 14 May.  Please join us.  It will start with the arrival of the Guest of Honour at 11 am.

Before the Ceremony, Eucharist will be celebrated in the Chapel at 10 am. 

All attending are requested to be in the cemetery by 10:45. Dress for gentlemen is suit or blazer with tie and medals. 

After the ceremony, the Chapel and Museum will be open to visitors.  Subsequently, lunch will be taken at the Varchotel, located on the main road to Lisbon about 4 miles from Elvas, during which a fund-raising auction will take place. In the evening, Major Nick Hallidie will give a talk on the History of Elvas and its Fortifications. This will take place in the Hotel Dom Luis, at 7 pm, followed by a buffet supper

The commemoration of the battle of Albuera in the village of La Albuera will take place on Thursday 16th May, starting at 11:30 am (Spanish time). For those planning to attend, a lunch has been arranged at the Restaurante Lince.

Tourism in Elvas is taking off and prices are rising. The Hotel Dom Luis is already fully booked. I haven’t undertaken to arrange bookings this year, but if anyone needs help, let me know.  

Quinta Vale de Marmelos - has a few rooms available.

Tel: +351 93 264 79 97

On 15th May, I have planned a visit to the fortress of Juramenha, which played a significant role in Beresford’s move to besiege Badajoz.  This fortress dates back to Roman times. With the success of Elvas’s recognition as a World Heritage site, considerable work has been done on the restoration of the fortifications of both Campo Maior and Juromenha.

Book here. Please email your reply either to me ( or Celia (  

Payment can be made on the day.