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The Light Dragoons

The Light Dragoons is the successor regiment to various light cavalry regiments including the 13th Light Dragoons, which fought at the Battle of Albuera, 16 May 1811. 

A dragoon was traditionally a soldier trained to fight on foot but transport himself on horseback. He fought as infantry but moved as cavalry.

According to the Regimental History Homepage, “The Light Dragoons have always been rather special troops. They were first raised in the middle of the Eighteenth Century for reconnaissance and patrolling - in other words scouting - but soon acquired a reputation for courage and dash in the charge.

Originally, each regiment of cavalry formed a light troop but so successful was the idea that whole regiments were formed.

The 15th Light Dragoons were the first, in 1759.

The 13th, raised as heavy dragoons (mounted infantrymen) as early as 1715, was later converted to the light role.

Light dragoon regiments fought all over the world in the half-century that followed, notably in India and North America.

The 13th Light Dragoons distinguished themselves under the Duke of Wellington in Spain and Portugal in the Peninsular War and has Albuera as a battle honour.

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